Dear Parents 11-22-2015

November Class
Real Education Academy Students

November Newsletter,

During November the children worked on lots of other tracing including letters, numbers and pictures. All of the children work on their sandpaper letters everyday, and their handwriting is really improving. Many of the games and activities the children do are designed to prepare them for writing, and to strengthen their fine motor coordination.

We count a lot using the number line, as well as the calendar and other materials.

The children participate in many different activities which teach them number recognition as well as one to one counting. This month we have also worked on addition using the cuisennaire rods as well as our number boards.

For science we spoke about the seasons and were finally able to see some signs of fall. We learned some songs about fall, and walked to the greenbelt to play in the fallen leaves. The children loved building piles of leaves and then jumping in them.

We completed our unit on families. We discussed different types of families and what members of our families do for us. This led to our unit on Thanksgiving where the children discussed what they were thankful for. We learned about the history of Thanksgiving and the children acted out the story of Thanksgiving. We made our “thankful turkeys” and our Thanksgiving turkey hand prints. The children had lots of fun baking cornbread and pumpkin cookies. We spoke about how we needed really clean hands when we prepare food. We also spoke about how we need to be organized and make sure that all our ingredients were available before we started cooking or baking. Our Thanksgiving feast was a huge hit with the children. They decided on the menu and really enjoyed eating everything. Thank you to everyone for your contributions. Speaking of being thankful, I would like to thank all of you for sending me the most wonderful children I could have wished for. I love each and every one of the children in the school. They are the sweetest, kindest and most loving children one could hope for. I love watching them grow and develop. Thank you too to Misty for all her loving help with the children.

Socialization is an extremely important aspect of a young child’s development. We are working to strengthen the children’s expressive language skills and teach them what to say so that they can express their feelings in a kind way, but still advocate for themselves. The children also learn to cooperate with each other inside and outside the classroom. It is very interesting listening to their conversations when they are trying to resolve issues with each other. We also worked a lot on manners, including table manners.

Our art lessons are going really well. I know you all saw the beautiful clay owls the children made and painted. They were all very proud of their potato print Indian chief pictures they painted. I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving with your families. Enjoy being with your children and treasure this time together with them. They grow up so quickly. Happy Thanksgiving!